Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Save Britains Forests

source: 38degrees

Our Save our Forests petition is growing fast. So many people are telling their friends about this campaign that almost 60,000 of us have joined the campaign so far.

We’re proving that the public doesn’t want our forests sold off. If enough of us get involved we can make the government back down.

We need to prove we are not just a flash in the pan. Let’s aim to get past 75,000 signatures this week. That will show the government that the campaign is going to keep growing until they change their plans.

This campaign has grown so fast because tens of thousands of us have forwarded emails just like this to friends and colleagues asking them to save our forests. If we don't all act now there's a real risk we'll lose our forests forever. Please can you help protect forests for wildlife and future generations by asking more people to sign the petition?

Please forward this e-mail and ask your friends to sign by clicking here:

If you use Facebook, please share the petition on your profile by clicking here:

If you use Twitter, please “Tweet” about the petition by clicking here:

Forests like the Forest of Dean, the New Forest, Grizedale Forest, Alice Holt Forest, Kielder Forest and Sherwood Forest are national treasures. Once they’re gone, they are lost forever. A huge petition will force the government to rethink. If we can prove how strongly thousands of us feel about this, we can make them back down.

We're already making a difference. The Welsh and Scottish governments have rejected the forest sell off plan. The campaign is now growing so fast it's getting talked about in the national papers. [1] . If we keep working together and keep telling our friends about the campaign we'll save our forests from the government's sell off.

Thanks for being involved,

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