Monday, 9 August 2010

New “Our Climate” iPhone App Released

source: WUWT
by: Anthony Watts

Great news, and a present for the many readers of WUWT. The “Our Climate” iPhone App has made it through Apple’s review process unscathed and the App is now available for download on the iTunes Store worldwide.

Our Climate is your “go-to” climate information resource. It is the most comprehensive, fun and informative climate education resource available for Apple® iOS devices, such as the iPhone® and iPod Touch® platforms.

You have all the information at your fingertips, wherever you go, to help you get a more complete picture on what is happening to our climate!

Our Climate features a number of “bite-size” climate information nuggets that you can absorb without needing a PhD in climate science! These information nuggets offer you rapid insight to some of the most interesting aspects of our climate, both today and in the past.

Try your hand at our fun climate quiz, where the answers are never really what you think at first! See if you can get your score up to that of a professional climate scientist…

With literally dozens of built-in tutorials, Our Climate will help you understand how basic climate science operates and, most importantly, help you distinguish between climate facts, climate theories and popular misconceptions.

Once you feel familiar with the basics, why not participate in our anonymous global poll on attitudes towards Global Warming? When you have expressed your views, you can then see by region how the rest of the world’s users of Our Climate have voted.

Since climate issues do feature heavily in the news, you also have a climate-centric news feed directly on the App. This offers you quick access to some of the top climate stories of the day.

Finally, Our Climate comes packed with a large number of very recent climate datasets that you can browse at your own pace, or perhaps use to settle a debate with friends! Each dataset comes with a detailed set of comments to help you understand what the data is all about.

The App’s main website is here:

The app developer, Paul of Aeris Systems Pty Ltd. writes:
There’s only light feedback so far – so let’s see how it progresses in the marketplace.
Unlike scientific papers, changes to this app can be made fairly promptly, so if any material errors have slipped through, rest assured that such errata will be readily addressable. Already a few minor errata have been collected over the past week to be packaged into a V1.0.1 overnight. Please let me know if you spot anything and we will act on your feedback as promptly as we can.

The app has had many, many people contribute to it’s design, content gathering, and review. It is a joint effort of dozens of people.
There’s an old saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words”, and when it comes to demonstrating facts about climate to someone who has been oversold by a compliant and unquestioning mass media, the app makes it easy to educate them.

I had been asked to review this app. So, for “inquiring minds”, no, I earn nothing from it, just like in a scientific paper review. The app developer in Australia has put hundreds of man hours in research and software development into it. The 99 cents purchase price goes to offset his costs and time.

Now, the tearing down begins at other websites who can’t tolerate it’s presence.

The best measure of success of any iPhone app is the number of downloads. Like WUWT reaching 50 million hits today, we’ll see if it rises to the top download in its category. Please spread the word.

A web link for the App on the store is provided here:

UPDATE: For Windows users and others without iPhones:

For those without a mac or an iphone, there are iphone emulators and emulator websites you can download to run this application.

You need to run the Safari browser to run the first link properly.

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