Thursday, 26 August 2010

Cameron 'Ran Scared' From Climate Debate

source: theonenewsnow
by: Bill Bumpas

Film director James Cameron recently backed out of a public debate he initiated with three high-profile global warming skeptics, who believe Cameron made the wise decision in pulling out of the conference.

The award-winning director of Titanic and Avatar was to debate new media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, filmmaker Ann McElhinney, and executive editor Marc Morano with two scientists at a global warming and energy conference in Aspen, Colorado, on Sunday. But Morano thinks Cameron's arrogance caught up with him.

"Cameron was given the standard Al Gore talking points, and he was repeating them. He was going on forums, and he was talking to reporters...all over the country, and no one [was] challenging him," the global warming skeptic notes. "So he's thinking, 'Wow, these talking points are really working. I understand the science; I've got it down. I'm going to start challenging people.'"

But once people began accepting his challenges, Morano says the environmentalists "wisely" advised the director to back out of them because he did not know what he was getting himself into. "So James Cameron ran scared," states the Climate Depot spokesman.

Morano was in mid-flight to the conference when Cameron canceled, so officials allowed him a slot to speak at the summit. But he says the debate turned into a "joke" with constant interruption and grandstanding from the moderator and crowd, including what he calls the "height of silliness."

"One lady [suggested] that I pull my car into the garage, close the doors, and suck in all that carbon monoxide if I think it's so harmless," Morano accounts. "She, of course, was confusing carbon dioxide, a harmless trace essential gas in the atmosphere, with carbon monoxide, the toxic fumes that comes out of your car."

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