Friday, 25 June 2010

Weather Action: June 2010

source: Weather Action

Weather Action Report

All the Very Extreme weather events of June (10-23) in Europe & USA confirm Long Range Solar driven predictions.

Simultaneous extreme events around world verify predictable solar cause;
-Major advance in forecast science
-More VERY EXTREME events coming in July - USA, Europe & world

All the 5 spells of VERY EXTREME deadly weather events from June 10th to 23rd predicted in long range by Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction for specific catastrophes in USA & Europe & simultaneous other events around the world were confirmed to the day; and the driving events from the Sun were reported in Solar & magnetic records.

The 5 most extreme, deadly weather event-periods were:

Jun 9-10. Arkansas torrents – in time + general region predicted by WA. See links in

Jun 12-14. Oklahoma inundated – confirms WA prediction;
SE France devastated confirming WA prediction map (see report).

Jun 17-18. 90 died in South China due to devastating floods

Jun 21-23. Wisconsin + Montana storms + tornadoes confirm WA.
The deadly weather events around 14th June were driven by preceding huge sudden changes on the sun.

Major magnetic unrest in Sunspot no 1078 and significant Coronal Holes June 11th were followed by a billion ton Coronal Mass Ejection producing a major radio burst June 12th.

There was a dramatic increase in sunspot area Jun 9-13 and a sudden upsurge in Solar flares Jun 12 & 13. The major, sudden solar events which caused the weather extremes are on NOAA links:, including ‘sounds’ of radio storms!

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