Friday, 18 June 2010

July 2010 in Britain & Ireland (& around the world) by Piers Corbyn

source: weatheraction

15 June 2010 WeatherAction releases new 15-45 day ahead forecast for Britain & Ireland for July 2010 which REVISES the 30-60 day forecast under new forecast advances, making the already predicted deluges and floods more intense.

Piers Corbyn announced his new forecast advances - called Solar Lunar Action Technique No2a (SLAT2a), saying: "SLAT now supercedes SWT - Solar Weather Technique - and has greater skill in predicting severe deluges and consequent flooding. It explains the extreme ferocity of successfully predicted recent deluges and massive deadly floods in Europe and the USA*; and the ferocity of other mid-June deluges around the world such as in China", he said. *Here

"July 2010 in Britain & Ireland (& around the world) will include extreme deluges, thunderstorms and major floods. These deluges, torrential rain and floods will pose significant danger and will catch standard computer model forecasts by surprise even from a day ahead and will require warnings, preparation and rapid responses by authorities.

"Local Authorities and the new Government would be ill-advised not to study our forecast forthwith and act upon it. If they refuse to consider this forecast which will help with detailed preparations the public will be put through unnecessary suffering and danger and lives could well be lost - as they were when the UK ran out of road salt last winter because authorities ignored our forecasts and warnings, having been misled by the Met Office forecast for a mild winter.

"Judgement day is now approaching for local authorities and government, whose reliance on failed computer models and the disreputable 'science' of global warming dogma is causing misery and costing lives. They must chose between their duty to the public or continuing support for baseless dogma."

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