Monday, 6 September 2010

source: climaterealist
by: cfact

Lord Christopher Monckton refutes Prof. John Abraham of the University of St. Thomas in a series of 21 videos.

Monckton Refutes Abraham: Introduction

Part 2: Sea Level Rise

Part 3: Polar Bears

Part 4: Sea Ice

Part 5: What's Killing The Polar Bears

Part 6: The Medieval Warm Period

Part 7: Climate Sensitivity Reports

Part 8: Global Surface Temperatures

Part 9: The Temperature Record

Part 10: NCDC Graphs

Part 11: The Consensus Lie

Part 12: How Fast is The Sea Level Rising?

Part 13: Correlation?

Part 14: Interglacial Periods (note: this is part 14 despite the repeat part 13 slide)

Part 15: Global Warmings Evil Twin

Part 16: The Extent of Sea Ice

Part 17: The Greenland Ice Sheet

Part 18: The Himalayan Glaciers

Part 19: CO2 is a Trace Gas

Part 20: A Few Loose Ends

Part 21: Conclusion

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