Monday, 10 May 2010

Expert Predicts Wet and Lousy Summer for UK

source: Daily Express
by: Chloe Thomas

If you were hoping to enjoy plenty of sunny World Cup barbecues, dream on. One weather expert with a 90 per cent success rate predicts we are in for a wet and lousy summer.

Forecaster Piers Corbyn, who has controversially made fortunes betting on Britain’s changeable climate, says June, July and August will be very variable, ranging from average to pretty lousy with heavy bouts of rain.

He said: “I am afraid it’s not going to be a hot summer. It might be humid and muggy at times but we’re certainly not in for massive amounts of sunshine.

“I know that’s disappointing to people but we’ll all just have to prepare ourselves for a bit of a dull summer.”

The London-based weatherman, whose company Weather Action claims to use scientific techniques to predict the changes in the weather, put the dampener on other forecasters.

He claimed some predict glorious weather in a bid to attract Government funding for climate change research.

Mr Corbyn, 63, said: “Most of the theories surrounding climate change are complete nonsense. The earth has been cooling since 2002. It’s the opposite of what they say.

“Our political leaders are wedded to this notion of the earth heating up but it’s just a tactic to impose green taxes to build wind farms that have no human benefit and do nothing except take up large amounts of space and make a lot of noise. I hope that our new Government will wake up to the reality of climate change and stop using it as a political tool.”

Elaborating on the reasons for his company’s success rate, he said: “We use predictable aspects of solar activity which is particles from the sun affecting the upper parts of the atmosphere and circulation. This then shows us the changes in the weather.”

In addition to the UK, Weather Action also forecasts the weather for events around the world.

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