Tuesday, 20 April 2010

WeatherActions Warnings of Volcano and Wind Changes Confirmed

source: WeatherAction
by: Piers Corbyn

The volcano eruption in Iceland has strengthened and a new ash cloud is spreading south and east towards the UK," said the Air Traffic Services Nats later on Monday 19th April.

This updated the UK MetOffice statement that eruptions had weakened (early 19th) and confirmed Piers Corbyn’s WeatherAction warning of increased risk of new eruptions of Iceland’s volcano and earthquakes in his newly forecasted Solar-Lunar Impact Period 18th-24th April announced on 17th & repeated on SunTalkRadio on 19th {http://bit.ly/9pmTJF 12.25pm about 80% through the show} Piers said “We are very pleased with this confirmation of our forecast.

It generally speaking means extra dust risk but the precise implications depend both on the detailed mechanics of the eruptions and wind directions. Very importantly we predicted on 17th March that the last 5 days of April would see high pressure decisively dominate Europe and give winds from the outh/SouthEast which are going to clear the ash from Europe, Britain & Ireland (see map).

We also correctly identified the immediately preceding developments towards this situation which will start some clearance.

“Some politicians have been saying ‘no-one could have seen these developments’. This of
course is not true and comes notably from self-styled ‘new’ poseurs who – along with the other Parties – do not want to admit these things are predictable and are controlled by solar-magnetic & lunar factors and NOTHING to do with CO2. As long as politicians continue to put dogma before evidence-based science the public will suffer unnecessary.

And Earthquakes…

“There are also be signs of increased earthquake activity around 18th-24th April such as an
M=6.2 quake in Papua New Guinea on 17th at 23.15hrs but we need to wait till after 24th for a
fuller measure of relative activity in this period. These are interesting times”, said Piers.
WeatherActionnewsno16 of April 17th .

“If the Government took our long range – months ahead - forecasts of important Weather situations (and volcano/earthquake risk) we could make them free to the public and the BBC”, said Piers. “Surely this is a no-brainer. The Met Office can’t do it but we can.

“However Minister Benn like all the major parties ignore letters and forecasts from WeatherAction - putting Global Warming dogma before duty to serve the public. I urge
people to lobby their politicians & the BBC on this during this election campaign.

Loads of people want to see our detailed forecasts on TV”.

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