Friday, 4 December 2009

The Great Climate Fraud Worse Than First Thought


Phil Jones the director of CRU and ringleader of the scam dubbed “climate gate” has stepped down according a spokes person for East Anglia University. Scientists from the University also admitted to dumping raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming is based. They were forced to reveal that little tid bit when papers were filed under the freedom of information act.

If you haven’t been following this story where have you been? Whistle-blowers displayed emails between the top scientists for all to see a few weeks ago. Five weeks prior to releasing the emails the same individuals sent the emails to BBC news but BBC did not cover the story. The emails clearly showed the top climate scientists made up global warming but why? Why would someone try to pull off such a large hoax like this?

Global warming themes are everywhere. You see the ads on television, your company is probably going green (though they are really not), and the President will be attending a conference for it in Copenhagen to sign a binding treaty with 192 other nations. Why? White house spokes person Gibbs said this to the press.

It’s being reported that 31,000 scientists are suing Al Gore over global warming including the founder of the weather channel John Coleman who founded the network cable channel in 1982. Al Gore has already profited greatly from the hoax and is said to have received millions in stimulus money. It has also been reported that Gore owns a company that will trade carbon credits.

If you don’t know what a carbon credit is you had better learn. If the new energy bill which already passed the house is passed in the Senate or if the Copenhagen treaty is signed you will be taxed almost for the very air you breathe. We can already see signs in Washington State where companies are charged by what employees drive to work. Depending on the size of your house, the car you drive, and the appliances you use you will be taxed to death all for something that now most likely doesn’t even exist.

There is more to the story however with every foot deeper into the rabbit hole we go. Remember the famous address given by Eisenhower? The UN not only is wrapped up in climate gate but now new evidence suggests they may also be interested in Global Governance which “conspiracy theorists” have been warning for decades. One organization said to be involved is the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). This club for politicians once said to be secret is not so secret after all. In each election there are many of its members and acquaintances running for office. Dick Cheney was one for sure but even more candidates were said to be members. It has been reported that almost all Presidential candidates in 2008 belonged to the group. Someone even asked former candidate Ron Paul if he was a member.

Many people are worried about the sovereignty of the United States now more than ever in light of all this evidence of a global government. Many people do not realize that the United States is the only truly free nation having its rights derived from the people and not the government. Will an investigation be launched or has it been planned? Who is involved? Will the American people give up their rights for a hoax? They have already surrendered many rights for security which went against the wishes of the founders. The Bush administration never repealed any legislation set fourth by the Clinton administration and the Obama administration has not repealed any legislation from the Bush administration so does voting for a party really matter?

The truth is complicated, too complicated for one article. A reporter can only report, it’s up to the reader to go and put the pieces together. Do we have the time and inclination to put a stop to the madness of the would be globalists or will the brave American people simply fall down on one knee and worship the power hungry of the world?

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